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sXe and Christianity

You here it everywhere anymore. From the stage, from friends, Zines and e-zines. All saying you canít be sXe and Christian. Please pick your battles, And pick battles that actually matter. I donít even know why this is brought up. But the battle goes on. Both of these sides of the argument are normally foolish. But the one worse than the other. You see, it doesnít matter as long as your priorities are straight. Donít say your sXe if your going to put that above your love for Jesus Christ, and vice versa, label yourself sXe if you feel thatís a stand your called to make. I am so sick of people saying you canít be sXe and Christian. (I used to be one of them.) Thatís foolish. Straight-Edge just says to the world, I donít do drugs, I feel itís wrong, I wonít pollute my body and This is a issue Iím going to stand upon. Everyone wearing a X on there hand doesnít have the mentality that if they see some one lighting up a cigarette they are going to beat them up. Maybe those wearing the X just want to be separated from the Christians, and fake Christians who light up every chance they get. Maybe there actually standing for something. ( I see so many "Christians" just except whatever comes there way saying "Oh, Thatís okay, Thereís forgiveness.". Remember, Acceptance of everything leaves believing in nothing.)Now donít get me wrong. I do not claim sXe. The reason I donít is because I caught myself before I got into it to bad. I was very pridefull, and I looked down on whoever was holding a cigarette. I finally came to the realization that what they where doing is by no means worse than me judging them, no worse than My pride and MY SIN. Plus it had become kind of like a law for me. I was bound to being good because of certain rules and not because of love for Christ. I had put the X above the cross. I wasnít giving glory to the Lord, but I was giving glory to an X. And as far as I know, no X died on the cross for my sins. But thatís just me. I couldnít do it. Thatís not to say that other Christians canít. Just remember to keep your focus on the Lord above everything else. Whether it be a Cigarette or a X. (Christian Straight-Edgerís Try and wear a Cross on one hand as well as your X, Non Straight-Edgerís, quit looking down on someone just because they wear a X. They may just have there priorities straight.) Christianity is about showing people love, Not about Judging them.

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