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Poems by Kyle Dickerson


look around at this world
look at this place where we live
do you see how everyone follows and how everyone is giving in

every day that passes by is closer to the end
and every day that passes by is one more day we have to deffend

all this killing and all this hatred is destroying our race
but yet we move on at a fatser pace

and we still close our eyes and push ahead
blindfolded and walking straight into death

does not anyone see the light shinning
does not anyone see a better way than driving the world to flames

take a hold of what you got. all those memories and beautiful thoughts.

live life for what you want it to be but in the end dont forget about eternity

The End

as i look around i have to say everything is going to burn anyway
as i look up and see the stars all around
i have to say they are goin to drown

as the blackness slowly consumes our home
we all await out destiny
we dont have much time now until we are in eternity

as the flames and darkness come closer and almost to an end
this generation we have to defend

every where i go i look and see what has taken place
as the ashes blow away does it realy matter anyway

the day is coming when the day ends
when life goes away
and there is nothing left to day

as my soul leaves my body
as my mind draws a blank
and i start to lose my sight
my sould is drifting off for the forever fight

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