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Daimonas Fonias

"For Avalon"

Burning in the distance,
A blinding golden flame.
An eternal romance,
Chasing the One with no name.

Darkened skies and darker seas,
One step further seems too much.
Traverse a world of disease,
To reach one I cannot touch.

The winds blow and the heavens rage,
Oppression tears me from my goal,
And Sorrow seems the only sage,
With nothing here to fill this hole.

I stagger forward for Avalon,
The place of legend,the place of dreams.
Freedom for even this vagabond,
A place beyond this world's tortured screams.

One day the dream will be realized,
When I (we) will leave this wretched place.
To a place now hidden, disguised,
But then we shall see face to face.

I am merely passing by,
Nomadic traveler only.
One day, one the sky,
To whispers of amnesty.

"Funeral Pyre"

My eyes are encircled with red,
Blood is pooling around my feet.
Strength has been torn out of my lungs,
Walking, I am already dead.

My eyes are encircled with tears,
And the rain is drowning them out.
Sorrow is borne upon the winds,
To bear on me and plague my years.

An image rests inside my heart,
Place I bore witness to in dreams,
Place I know only in my mind,
Place I'll be for my dying screams.

An image rests inside my mind,
Place of resurrection and death,
Place of renewal and of flame,
Place of birth and the final breath
My arms are bound behind my back,
I cannot see in front of me,
And I don't know where I have been,
And all I know is what I lack.

My arms are bound behind my neck,
The life is ebbing out of me,
Doomed to walk this way forever,
My life left in a twisted wreck.

Then it comes, first a gentle pull,
Guiding me to the place of flame,
It then becomes a wrenching tear.
Place that can't be described in name
Then it comes, first a soft whisper,
It tells of a place beyond dreams.
The voice rises into the night,
Soft but with might beyond the screams.

My eyes see rocks and piles of ash,
Wall of stone, surrounded with clouds.
The place of birth, the place of death.
Through death we can transcend the lash.

My eyes see my chains swept away,
The choice to burn must be my own.
I must ignite myself...myself?
My own volition...kill this day.

Add a log onto the pyre,
Ensure I am consumed in full,
Cannot leave survival a chance,
Ensure I die in this fire.

Add a log onto the pyre,
And as the phoenix I will rise.
I will rise from death unto life.
Carried on currents of fire.

I tie myself onto the post,
Center of where the flames will free.
Hands tied, I cannot strike the match,
You must ignite the blaze for me.

I tied myself onto the post,
Anticipation fills my mind,
(Death is coming, death is coming.)
To my flesh's fate I'm not resigned.

You must become the blaze for me.
I look to the heavens above,
I see it (you) coming from afar,
The death through flame to set me free.

You have become the blaze for me.
Consuming me, destroying me,
Flaming freedom has fell on me,
Killing me, liberating me.

My skin seared, my flesh finally falls.
The pain...only liberating.
As I die my spirit is freed,
From the ashes...the beginning.

I float away, see my remains,
Already so far beneath me.
I'll never return to that shell,
Already so far beneath me.


Sitting by this rough box of wood,
I drive another nail in it.
I'd tear it apart if I could,
But my soul remains bound to this.

Another nail goes in the frame,
Preparing the box for its use.
Pull back the hammer: it's the same,
And its purpose will come in time.

Soon the box will be in the ground,
Another plank of wood: complete.
I shudder at the hammer's sound,
But I do not stop my pounding.

One last nail and all will be done,
I hesitate before striking.
Look for answers, realize I've none,
Let the hammer fall to the ground.

I look at the monster I've made,
Six sides of wood, hinges, a clasp,
Then the hole where it could have laid,
Oh God, oh God what have I done?

I strike a match, smile at the flame,
I will not let this hold me down.
Throw the match down and end this game,
Burn the coffin down...walk away...

"The Tempest"

A storm ravages the heavens tonight,
It sets the air ablaze and marks the sky.
Darkness mingles with bands of brilliant light,
A celestial war rages above me.

Such beauty in the violence of the sky.
Angels' tears fall and break upon the earth,
And we are the reason that they must cry,
For rain to meet our tears and fufill them.

In these times we can slip into the dark,
For a time we can hide within the storm,
And from our journeys, trials disembark,
And for a time hide within the tempest.

I feel the winds pulling, tearing at me,
Beckoning me to ride with them tonight.
Walk on the wings of the wind and be free,
How I wish I could leave this world tonight.

I hear the thunder whispering to me,
Asking why I do not join in the storm,
"Join us in the air, ride in amnesty."
But I remain bound here for a season.

The day will come when I will ride the wind,
The day will come when I'll touch true freedom,
When I will ride on the sky though I've sinned,
And I will slip away to join the storm...


Staring out through my window,
Tapping gently on the glass.
I see the breeze, watch it blow,
Stirring more than simply leaves.

Staring at transparency,
My hand rests upon the glass.
Nothing means so much to me:
What I see beyond this pane.

Watching as the traffic drones,
My heart rests upon the glass.
Are we nothing more than drones?
There is nothing here for me.


A column in the distance,
Silver cross around my neck.
Following the endless dance,
My life's everlasting trek.

Burdens falling off my back,
Silver cross around my neck.
Forgetting all that I lack,
Following the endless trek.

Voices rising all around,
Silver cross upon my chest.
I'm mezmerized by the sound,
Years to go until I rest.

The world fell off my shoulders,
Picture of peace far away.
The flame that burned me smolders,
I'll reach that picture one day.

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