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Pro-Life or Anti-Abortion!

Everyone in this Country is aware of the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice controversy, (I will not rant much in this article on why I believe Abortion is wrong. I'll save that for another issue. But, I will leave you with this. Abortion is Murder. (Hmm, I wonder how much hate mail that will bring in.)) and we are all aware of how every so often some ignorant fool places a bomb in an abortion clinic killing nurses, guards and Doctors and then writes Pro-Life on the Walls with the Dead Doctors Blood. This is something I can't and won't justify. Even though there are only a few out there who feel they should take the killing of Abortion Doctors into their own hands, they are very outspoken, and active. For Example, I've read lyrics of prominent Hardcore bands saying that they will attack those who kill the unborn child. Also I heard a man on the radio ranting on how he has killed abortion Doctors in the Name of God. (Which is so stupid of him. He must of Forgotten that the Lord has said "Vengeance is mine..." and that it is also a sin for him to kill.) This all angers me so much. Just as much as someone telling me they're going to Murder their unborn Child (In other words, have a abortion.) There are so many of us Pro-Lifers out here trying to bring about change by educating and through Peaceful means, and then some idiot goes and Kills some Doctor and we all catch the Blame. "Some Fight this Fire, You fan the Flame, Thanks to the Press we bear your shame."-Crashdog So I guess all I'm trying to do is to draw the lines. I want those people out there that are outraged by these acts (Witch they should be.), But are pointing their finger at the Pro-Life movement to redirect their finger at the individual who committed these acts. Recognize what is the actions of those that are standing for life, and Recognize the actions of someone who is strictly Anti-Abortion.

Yes, The Pro-Life Movement is against Abortion, But it is for Life!

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