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An interveiw with Brett of Pensive

Pensive is a 4 piece emo-core band from Greensburg, Pa. They just released a Cd on 2 Jake
Records and are recording a split Cd with Seasons in the Field. They have a beutiful sound 
blending together the melodic singing of Chad and a occasional Scream of desperation. I did
this interveiw over the internet also. (Lets face it, Itís a lot cheaper than a long 
distance phone call.) Here it is. This was done with Brett, there guitar player.

F.L.Y.-So who's all in Pensive, what do they do and what are there ages.
P.-Martin Lunn.... bass guitar and backing vocals, age  22.   Chad
Monticue...vocals, age 20.  Joshua Walters.... drums, age 17.  Brett Detar.... everything
else, age 19.         

F.L.Y.-How did you guys meet up.
P.-Chad, Josh, and i were good friends for a long time.  we started the band and
needed a bass player. one day, Marty basically arrived at chruch, and to make
a long story short, he ended up playing bass for us.  
F.L.Y.-When did Pensive become a band. 
P.-We became a complete band in november of 1994.  
F.L.Y.-Who would you say your musical influences would be.
P.-Many musicians have influenced us in more ways than one, but these are 
far too many to list or thank.  this list may be some of the bands that have most
helped to form our sound. fugazi, overcome, puritan, texas is the
reason, the beatles, sunny day real estate, metallica, tool, mineral,  earth crisis,
jimmy eat world, boy sets fire, inkwell, strongarm, the smashing pumpkins,
lincoln, jawbox, yes, hourglass, meshuggah, bloodshed, passover, and
alot more... basically anyone better than us at any kind of music.  
F.L.Y.-Do the kids at your shows seem to appreciate Emo.
P.-I don't know.  we have not really played many shows with emo bands.  we
are almost always the oddball, like either the only band that sings or the
only band that screams.  but, i guess that the local kids are starting to
apprecciate what we are doing.  it seems that alot of them are getting
more and more into emo music (by which, i mean such bands as the promise
ring, sunny day, jimmy eat world, sensefield, and the like.) i think that slowly,
our unique sound is catching on.  
F.L.Y.-Have any of the guys in Pensive ever been in any other bands? Are
you in any other bands right now.?
P.-Yeah, actually, Chad and i are in an indie rock band called the juliana
theory.  chad plays bass and i sing.  it is pretty cool music, in the
veign of such bands as gameface, farside, and mineral.  and i am also the
guitarist for the metalcore band ZAO.  
F.L.Y.-What is it like being in a couple bands at a time.
P.-It is pretty cool right now, but with only being a new member of ZAO as of
now, i am not sure what it will be like once we really get started full time. i am
sure it won't be too bad though.
F.L.Y.-What are your motives in being in Pensive.
P.-pensive is a band that wants to spread the love of Jesus Christ.  we
don't want to look back and think that we had a great opportunity to tell kids 
about the God that loves them so much and just blew it off.  we want everyone to
know that Jesus loves them.  and, along with that, we want to make the best possible 
music that we can. we can't lie and say that the only reason we are in the band is to
spread God's message.  that is a big part of it, but we all love to play music.  we 
just figure that if we are going to play music, we should do it for the Lord. we always
try to better ourselves musically.  The Bible tells us that whatever we do, do the 
very best that we can with it.  that is how we look at our music.  we want to make pensive
the best that it can possibly be.  
F.L.Y.-Have you guys ever toured. If so with who, and when.
P.-nope.  not yet, but hopefully we will tour with zao and seasons in the field
next summer.  
F.L.Y.-What are some of the bands you have played with?
P.-well, we always get to play with seasons in the field, they are our brother band.  and
we have had the opportunity to play with such other great bands as passover, strongarm,
catchpenny, brother's keeper, dawson high, shai hullud, l.i.g.h.t., blindside, zao, focal
point, weston, ceasefire, crank radio, abnegation, jumbo, chapter, spitfire, disciple, 
noisome, shale, and many others.  and we played at cornerstone 96, so, that means we played
with every band there too, right?  
F.L.Y.-What is the Scene like in Greensburg?
P.-there is not much of a scene in greensburg. there are a few good bands, but that is about it.

F.L.Y.-What do you guys think about sXe? Is Pensive a sXe band? Why or why
P.-no.. pensive is not a straightedge band. though we have made some mistakes in
the past as saying we were, we do not want to be recognized as straightedge.
straight edge takes  the glory away from our real  purpose, serving Jesus
Christ. most people in the sxe scene, they think they don't need God because
they are living  "good" lives. nearly every single straightedge person i know
has fallen. this is because they do not trust in Jesus. but they trust in
themselves.  the ideals of straightedge in themselves are good.  but, it is
just so much of what goes along with it.  basically, it is another religion. 

F.L.Y.-I know it's been said of you that you are not religous by any
means, could you tell us a little about that and your reasoning behind it?
P.-religion is a man made device. whether people know it or not, persons following a religion 
are truly being deceived.  religion is a counterfeit to the truth... the truth that pensive 
believes. we believe in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Religion teaches us that 
we must do certain things to earn rewards. God's love is unconditional. a relationship with Him
his that in which we can come to Him with our problems, with our mistakes and He forgives us 
and helps us out. Jesus wants us to know Him and love Him in a personal way. He wants to be as 
a Father to us, not as some unapproachable and ununderstandable deity.   religion teaches us 
to know about God and that is the problem.  we don't need to know about God, we need to know Him.
F.L.Y.-Do you see Pensive on a label in the near future? Where do you
think the band is going.
P.-well, we are currently on 2 Jake Records. i am not sure where we are
headed. i hope we can continue making music together. i just see us wherever we
are supposed to be.  
F.L.Y.-You guys just released your Cd a month or so ago? How is that
P.-i think it is going really well.  we have gotten a lot of positive responses from all over the
place.  i mean, we have cd's for sale in canada, all over the states, in europe, and even in australia. 
God is blessing us greatly.   

F.L.Y.-I hear that your doing a split Cd with Seasons in the Field. How is
 that coming along and when should we excpect it?
P.-well, so far, the recording process is going really smoothly. i am satisfied
with what we have layed down so far. and, the seasons stuff is just awesome.
their new songs are so good.  i think it is going to be a good record. I mean, we are already much 
happier with it than with our last cd.  i am looking forward to it coming out, but i will not give any 
date.  we've made that mistake too many times in the past.  
F.L.Y.-Do you have any merchandise for sale besides the Cd? And how can we
get it (Your address, Phone Number, E-mail address, etc.).
P.-sure, we have stickers and t-shrits and all that stuff.  come visit us online and sign the guestbook 
at, email us at,call 412.837.7446  or write to us
at pensive. RR 5 Box 386F Greensburg,PA 15601.   

F.L.Y.-That's about it. any last Comments? 
P.-well, thanks for doing the interview Neil, and thank you for reading

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