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Mustard Plug!

(Just Try and guess why the back ground to this page is Yellow...I dare ya!)

Interview by Thom da Bomb

I caught up with Craig (Bass) and Colin (Guitar & Vocals) of Mustard Plug at the Ska against 
Racism tour and asked them questions that they probably thought where pretty lame. You be the 

F.L.Y.- Is everyone thats in the current line-up the same as your last CD. (Evil Doers 
Beware-Hopless Records. Buy it!)
M.P.- Uh, No. We did some Flip-Flopping in the Horn Section.

F.L.Y.- You guys have been together since 1991, How did you meet?
M.P.- Dave (vocalist) and I actually met going to Toasters and Bim Skala Bim Shows, around 
88 or 89. After we graduated from College we decided to start a band. 

F.L.Y.- Any influences other than music, You know, Political or Religous?
M.P.- Probably, No. 

F.L.Y.- Musical Influences?
M.P.- SNFU, the Descendants, Op Ivy, the Toasters and probably the Gorilla Biscuts.

F.L.Y.- What makes Racism such a horrible thing and what can we do to snuff it out?
M.P.- The horrible thing about it is pretty self explainatory, but the fact is a lot of 
these kids here don't consider themselves racist but they'll go home and hear a friend 
tell a Racist joke or hear a racial slur and not really do any thing about it. For kids 
like this, it's doing the small things and starting grass roots. It may seem petty, 
but it is a start.

F.L.Y.- Does this tour donate any cash to orginizations who promote Racial Unity?
M.P.- Yes, A lot of money goes to those who actually do take action against Racism.

F.L.Y.- What kind of Emotions do you put in to your songs. For instance, is either 
"You" or "Mr. Smiley" true stories?
M.P.- That's a good one, uh, probably most of them are, But "Mr. Smiley" is not. (HAHA) 
"You is though. 

F.L.Y.- Any embarrassing moments on tour or in Concert?
M.P.- Actually at a show in Detroit, A state fair thing, we had to stop cause the 
Alligator Wrestler guy couldn't controll his Alligator. The music was spooking the 
F.L.Y.- Ska Does that. (Laughter.)
M.P.- Funny things happen so much we don't even know anymore!

F.L.Y.- Plans for any future tours? Albums?
M.P.- Yes, but we are going to stay in the mid-west, Great lakes Region. If not, go to 
Australia or Japan. Plus, we are going to work on some songs this summer.

F.L.Y.- What is in your CD players right now?
M.P.- Klutch is great to drive to. We've been listening to that a lot.

F.L.Y.- If you could tour with anyone who would it be?
M.P.- The Ska against Racism tour. We love everyone on it.

F.L.Y.- If Wayne and Garth got into a fight with Bill and Ted who would win?
M.P.- (Colin) Bill and Ted! (Craig) Wayne and Garth are all into hockey so I don't 
know, probably I'd say Wayne and Garth.
F.L.Y.- What? Wild Stallions Rule! They survived the Iron Madien.
M.P. That is a byast question.

F.L.Y.- What type of mustard do you prefer?
M.P.- Spicey, Chineese, Hot Mustard Definitaley.
F.L.Y.- That's about it, any last things you want to say?
M.P.- Rhinocerous


I Love these Guys. Buy their CD and if you ever get the chance check out one of their 
Shows. They Rule--Thom Da Bomb.

Contact them at:
Mustard Plug
P.O. Box 14110
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

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