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Living Sacrifice!

I did this interview with Lance at a show at Marshill Coffee Shop in Chambersburg, Pa in which they played with Crutch 
and Terra Firma. Read the whole thing. They touch on a couple of great issues. 

F.L.Y.-Since "Inhabit" was there a vocalist change?
L.S.- No…he just changed his style.
F.L.Y.- Wow...his vocals changed a ton!
L.S.- Yeah…maybe a little too much.
F.L.Y.- Well, I wouldn't say that.

F.L.Y.- Okay, on a personal level, how did you first get involved with the "Metal" scene?
L.S.- I just grew up around it. I listened to K.I.S.S. before I was in Kindergarten. 
(Rocky in the background.)- HaHa…in Kindergarten.
(Lance) Dude, before Kindergarten I had a K.I.S.S. lunch box.
(Rocky)- HaHa...Oh my goodness.
(Lance) That was before Kindergarten…That is when you go to Grandma's house and pretend like your going to school. 
Ya know…I'd take it over and Grandma's like…What is that? Yeah...You know, I was around it, all my friends where around 
it, That is what I was attracted to.

F.L.Y.- So how and when did you become a Christian?
L.S.- I was 16 and ah…One of my friends got saved about a year or two earlier whom I used to party with and do 
everything with. He witnessed to me every time I saw him. The Holy Spirit just kept knocking at my heart. I finally 
answered. I mean I sure wasn't looking for God.

F.L.Y.- O.K. How do you feel about Tooth and Nail? I know you get a lot of crap from individuals just because you are 
on that label.
L.S.- Tooth and Nail has been good for us. You know…I enjoy being on the label. They've given us great support. It 
is been a good experience. I mean, I have no complaints.

F.L.Y.- How do you see the future of Living Sacrifice?
L.S.- Ahh…Right now this is all I see. I mean I try and keep my spirit open to God and whatever he'd have me do, but, 
I mean right now it is just music. You know, metal, hardcore and it is up to him to change that.

F.L.Y.- So do you do this for a living?
L.S.- No…We all have full time jobs pretty much. We come out when we can. It is kind of part time I guess. 

F.L.Y.- So did you guys go to college or what?
L.S.- Bruce graduated from College and we did shows when ever we could. Mostly in the summer. I mean I went to 
college, but college wasn't good to me.
F.L.Y.-Yeah…College isn't good to a lot of people.

F.L.Y.- Do you want to clear up any misconceptions that people may have of the band?
L.S.-Uh…I'm not sure how to answer that.
F.L.Y.- Anyway you want.
L.S.- Well as far as non-christians, a lot of times they don't take "christian" metal seriously. They shut it off 
just cause it has the word "christian" tagged on to it. Like, we where in a club last night and they where laughing 
at us because they heard we where Christian…and Christian metal. They probably didn't even hear it, but ya know...
that happens. Jesus said, don't think it strange that the world hates you, cause they hated me first. So I don't 
find it strange at all.
F.L.Y.- Be encouraged. I know kids back home who aren't christian who love your old stuff. The stuff from the 
R.E.X days. None of them have heard your release off of T & N though.
L.S.- Yeah, I mean some kids don't care. They just like the music.

F.L.Y.- Alright, How do you guys feel about Living Sacrifice being labeled a "Hardcore" band? I mean, I know of kids 
who would fight off ten armies if they said you where a Hardcore band.
L.S.- Don't matter to me. Metal…Hardcore…Whatever.

F.L.Y.- What would you like to see change in the metal scene today?
L.S.- Ah…More Christian Metal…Hardcore bands being more bold about what they believe. Not to be to pushy as to 
turn people off but don't leave them with just music. I mean music ain't gonna do nothing for them. I'd like to 
see more Jesus in it.

F.L.Y.- What would you say the most memorable show you played would be?
L.S.- Memorable show…hmmm…This one is probably the most fresh in my mind. (Laugh)
F.L.Y.- There ya go.

(New bass player interjects. ( I can't think of his name for the life of me.))-Hey lets go back to Living 
Sacrifice being labeled Hardcore. It doesn't matter what you label music. Everyone's got different views 
of what is what. You can put whatever name you want on it. It don't matter. It doesn't bother me to be called 
this or that.
As far as the scene goes, some of them are so turned off by fashion but yet they get so caught up in what 
they are doing that they get fashionable in what they are doing. I mean if somebody doesn't look sXe or 
doesn't look hardcore people make fun of them. That is wrong. They are totally doing what somebody else is 
F.L.Y.- They are doing what they tried to get away from.
L.S.-Yeah… I mean maybe a hard kid is knocking some other kid because he's GQ or fashionable, but…It is 
really stupid you know. Get to know somebody else and not judge somebody cause of the way they look. Or have 
a preconception of who they are because of how they look.
F.L.Y.- That is something I can't stand as well.
L.S.- Yeah…It is just real shallow to judge somebody or to make fun of somebody. I mean though, I've even 
done it. We've all looked at somebody and thought less of them than we did ourselves, because of how they 
looked, you know…maybe they look like a nerd or something, but the fact is we aren't any better than they 
are. Jesus loves us just as much as he loves them. He doesn't love us anymore because we are "cool" or 
because we look good or something. I mean they have as much purpose as he gave us. They have as much right 
to be excepted by everyone else as we do. 

F.L.Y.-O.K. here…let me throw this out. Did you ever hear the phrase "Christian in a band, but not a 
Christian band." How do you feel about that?
L.S.- Yeah…I don't know…I mean are they ashamed. I could see like…I mean we where in New York City last night 
and I mean we didn't have any CD's with us but if we did…I wouldn't be handing them out saying here, we are a 
"Christian" Hardcore band. You know…I mean check in the CD, it is all in there. There are a lot of people 
turned off by the word Christian, but I wouldn't hide it. I mean if your not a Christian band, get your stuff 
out of the Christian Bookstores and such. If your so intent on not being a Christian band. 
(Bass player interjects. Wow...I'm really kicking myself that I didn't get his name.) I think what some bands 
are trying to say though, is that they are not a ministry. Their vision is not ministry. You know they are a 
band, and this is their view as "Christians." But their main purpose isn't about getting that view out. 
Really more of their purpose is to play in a band. If God didn't call them to a music ministry that's fine. 
If you don't want to be called a Christian band, that's cool. That is between them and God.

F.L.Y.- On the opposite side of things, bands will go up on stage and struggle to say something about Christ 
in between songs, I mean, I think that would be just as off the Wall.
L.S.- Yeah…But, I mean I know bands, none that I'll name that'll say "We're not a "Christian" band, but will 
only do Christian shows, they only go to Christian coffee houses, only have their stuff sold at Christian 
Bookstores. Yet they are all sour to the Christian scene. In that case, I say get out. Of course, they won't 
do that cause they can't sell there stuff. Ya know…they can't make their money. I mean it is hard to play 
some of these clubs. I mean, we played New York City. We didn't even get paid. That is why they won't do it. 
They are not a Christian band, but they'll sure play Christian shows and get paid. I just think it is kind 
of funny. 
F.L.Y.- Then there is bands that are very bold "Christian" bands that seek out secular labels, (Which I 
think is awesome, looking at it from both sides of the fence.) their message is going to be out everywhere 
now, not just in church.
L.S.- There is such a broader spectrum through the secular distribution. You just gotta look at the facts 
and you can see the secular market is just so much more vast than the Christian market. Because the Christian 
labels are mainly in the Christian stores and there is quite a few more secular and all out music stores 
than there are just Christian music stores. I mean you can get a lot more distribution and a lot more records 
out there with a secular label.

F.L.Y.- O.K. this is kind of back tracking but anyway, what is a band that has influenced you personally?
L.S.- Wow…Um…Slayer, Old Metalica, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, you know…old metal bands.
F.L.Y.- I'm taking that is musically.
L.S.- Yeah.
F.L.Y.- How about personally?
L.S.- After I became a Christian I really dug the Crucified and Believer. Matter of fact we are going to 
lunch with on e of the guys from Believer tomorrow. He doesn't live to far from here.

F.L.Y.- Is there any bands out there that you'd like to see recognized?
L.S.- Soul Embrace…ah..Embodyment

F.L.Y.- What would you do for a Klondike bar?
L.S.- Pay for it. We'd play bucket drums in New York City.
F.L.Y.- There ya go. (Laugh)

F.L.Y.- Hey...You know what? I just have to tell you this. Do you know who your singer looks like. He 
looks like Dave Grohl (sp). I don't know if that is a insult or anything but he looks like Dave Grohl.
L.S.- Who's that?
F.L.Y.- The guy from the Foo Fighters and Nirvana.
L.S.- Ohhh…Don't tell him that. (Laugh)

L.S.- I see on your notebook..,You where going to ask us about sXe. 
F.L.Y.- Yeah…I was but then I figured it's played out enough. 
L.S.- Well we can address it…It is positive, it has a good message…You know, not to destroy your body 
and not to do bad things to it, but as a lifestyle it is just empty, and nothing will give you 
fulfillment like Jesus. I mean I don't dislike sXe, you know, I love the kids.
F.L.Y.-How about this…I got friends that are "Christian" but they smoke it up, sleep around and I 
guess you can question if that is true, but well, I'm Christian and sXe. I will not be lumped in with 
those Christians who are living that kind of lifestyle. Like, kids will come up to me and will start 
asking me for a cigarette and stop half way through the sentence once they realize who I am. People 
know what I believe. They know I'm different.
L.S.-So…your sXe?
F.L.Y.- Guys…speak your mind. I will not be offended even slightly.
L.S.- No…sXe is cool. Straight-Edge is cool as long as you aren't doing it out of self-righteousness. 
F.L.Y.- Definitely…you got to have your priorities straight.
L.S.- I think Christian should be label enough.
F.L.Y.- I would like to agree with that. But facts are facts. (And in my heart Jesus resides, not the 
"X") I got Christian friends who do that stuff.
L.S.- I'm not denying that, but Jesus said that if you love me, you will obey. That is where if you 
are Christian, then you definitely got to analyze your life. But if your sleeping around, you know. 
Anyway, like I said…sXe is cool, but it aint gonna save your butt, Jesus is going to save your butt.
F.L.Y.- I know it. Straight-Edge certainly isn't saving anyone's soul.
L.S.- That is what I'm saying, it is empty. There is no future. The bottom line is that we are going 
to die and are going to have to stand before God almighty, and give account for our lives. Just saying, 
hey I didn't smoke, do drugs, there is all these things I didn't do. That just doesn't justify you for 
F.L.Y.- That is the danger. I mean there are bands that are all about purifying themselves from all 
the poison, but ignore all the sin inside. When sXe is relied on like that, then it is a problem. But 
when it is just a proclamation to the world saying you won't partake in drugs and all that jazz, it 
is good. But, I agree. It can be a problem with some kids.
L.S.- Yeah, that is cool. I'm not downing you cause your sXe. That is cool. I just think "Christians"
…you know…claiming to have Jesus living in their heart. That should be enough. It should be, but it 
is not. Your right…I have friends who do the same thing. You know…Go to church on Sunday and are 
drinking Monday.
F.L.Y.- That reminds me of a T-Bone song. (Laugh)
L.S.- As far as being Christian and drinking and smoking and sleeping around, it is definitely wrong. 
But the word says, ya know, you need to look at your life, if you have Christ in your life, judge 
yourself according to the word of God. Clearly, if they are reading the word of God, it says not to 
do these things and that they are in sin when doing them. Now if I have friends that are like that, 
I can't look at them and judge them, I have to look at them with the same eyes as Christ and love 
them the same no matter what, and share in love and not condemn them at all or treat them any 
different cause of what they do.

F.L.Y.- O.K… Do you guys ever (While your touring,) ever get to sit down with kids and actually lead 
them to Christ.
L.S.- Yeah…Quite a bit.

L.S.- Hey. Back to you being sXe. I'm sure you have sXe friends who aren't Christian at all.
F.L.Y.- Yeah
L.S.- If you got friends that say they are Christian who are still smoking it up, well then…personally, 
I'd rather hang out with the non-Christian sXe kid.
F.L.Y.- Right…Definitely.
L.S.- I mean you'd probably get better fellowship with them. 
F.L.Y.- Yeah…Cause at least they know where they are at. They aren't lying to themselves.
L.S.- It is almost senseless to try and clean yourself up and then get close to God. You got to get 
close to Jesus and then let him do it. It is definitely some decisions you have to make. I mean as far 
as cleaning up and getting sin out of your life. But, there is no reason to wait to draw near to Jesus, 
cause I mean there is always sin there. The more you experience his power and his fullness the less 
you'll want those things. You'll laugh at those things. You'll see how much those things draw you from 
L.S.- We love the sXe kids. Sometimes we just want to have a show with sXe kids. So we like the sXe 
thing. We aren't downing it at all. I'm glad they don't drink and smoke and stuff. That is awesome. 
There is nothing wrong with sXe. There just needs to be more than that. 
F.L.Y.- Yeah…Awesome. Those are good words. O.K. Any last words.
L.S.- We love you all. Thanks for your support. Draw nearer to Jesus.

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