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Not In My Town!

March 28, 1998

 White Robes, pointed white hoods and the chant white power! white power! is the setting at 
the foot of Butler Countyís Court House. Gathered here are members of the KKK, (from 5 
different states mind you) along with a couple hundred more people who showed up either to 
protest or support this Klan Rally. Some groups chanting F**K You, others chanting 
"Christians Donít Hate" and still others screaming white power along with the Klan. Sadly, 
but truthfully this was one of the biggest events Butler has had since the 98í year began. 
I heard people talking about it since the beginning of March. Saying how they where going 
to throw rocks at the Klansmen and all this other garbage. Some kids who I had heard make 
the most Racist jokes were going to the rally to "Protest." Which is stupid, cause all 
they wanted was to see another spectacle of themselves. (Donít get me wrong. That is not 
directed to all that attended that rally. Just a few select Boneheads that I personally 
know.) I really donít understand why mankind gives these ignorant fools so much attention. 
Iím not saying donít protest, donít try and bring about change. I mean Hek, for a while I 
wanted to go so bad just to get some pictures of these bigots. What good would of that 
done me. Weíve all seen the infamous white hoods, The Purple Robe of the imperial Grand 
Wizard. I would of only been giving them what they wanted attention. Besides that, we all 
know what goes on at those rallies. A lot of cussing and name calling. Some fights, and a 
few people arrested. 

 Now, in response to all this a group called the CommUNITY Alliance formed up a peaceful 
Anti-Rally at Butler Memorial Park. They had speakers, bands, food, games for little kids 
and all kinds of other good stuff. It was wonderful. The speakers consisted of Pastors, 
Priests, Rabbiís, Teachers and even County Commissioners. They all had good things to say, 
especially one of the speakers. Iíll try and paraphrase what he said. He said that although 
the Klan was wrong, and although they believed ignorant lies, we must not respond violently. 
For we would be no way better than them. We mustnít feed their Hate with our Hate. We must 
respond to their Hate with Love. He went on to say that these Klansmen are only lying to 
themselves when they say they are a Christian organization, for in no way are they following 
Godís will, for Christ did not Die for one Race. But for all. (Who knows if Jesus was even 

 Anyways, I guess all I really wanted to do with this little article was to applaud those 
who participated in the Anti-KKK Rally and to say that we all need to look at things from that 
kind of view. Bring about change through peaceful motives. Iím not saying strike up a rally 
for everything that is going wrong. But educate yourselves, educate others, and Do what you 


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