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Easy Answer?

   He was standing upon the brick ledge, feet half on half off, 10 stories above the world. He 
wanted nothing to do with them, with this world, and what it had to offer. He wanted nothing 
to do with the pain, with the turmoil, the strife, the confusion that was below him now. He 
had tried other ways. He tried every way out that crossed his path. He had tried to exit 
through drinking, drugs, sex and anything else he could do that made it seem like everything 
was gone, nothing bad was going to happen. It was always fine at that time at that place, But 
when he woke up the next morning it was always worse, ten times worse, just feeling more and 
more depressed. Feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders and finding no one or thing 
could take the burden away he resorted to the one thing that he felt he knew could take it all
away. All the pain, confusion, turmoil, and the burden, the burden would finally be gone. As he 
stood face down with tears dripping to the pavement far below, he thought about the life he had 
lived. He remembered the joyful (although short) times he had with his close friend Eric. Eric 
had something that he didnít. He had recognized it in Eric, although not knowing what it was, 
it was distinct. Eric had Joy that he did not. Eric had a good time even though he didnít take 
the road that he did. Eric was somewhat of a square in that sense though. He would never party 
with him, he never did anything for that matter, like that. And Eric w as always going to church, 
but never really talked about it, so they never got into conflicts about that. But Eric was not 
enough to Keep him from ending it all. Eric Didnít take the pain away, But this sure would. 
With that thought in mind he stepped off the ledge, and while spinning to the ground, he thought 
to himself I finally did it, I have found the cure. There will be no more pain, no more hurt.

And just when he smacked off the pavement and that pain shot through his body, He found himself 
still falling, only now he was surrounded by nothing but darkness, and a voice. It was a Deep 
powerfull voice. It said to him. You have refused to accepted Jesus as Lord of your Life now recieve 
the punishment due you for commiting sin, For the punishment for sin is Death. There was nothing but 
black now. He fell for days. And then he stopped. He didnít hit a hard surface, he just stopped. 
He was now on the ground. But could still see nothing. He thought where am I. He panicked and cried 
for help. No one answered. The only sound was the cracking of flames and skin crawling screams from 
the depths of the darkness. He noticed an immense heat. A heat so hot he could swear his skin was 
burning off. He screamed in torment, for minutes maybe hours. The smell of Burning flesh was rampant. 
It made him vomit over and over again, then he was silent, not content or comfortable by any means, 
but accepting. He was surrounded by darkness so Deep, so Black, that the Brightest lantern would do 
know good. He was being hit from all angles by screams of Torment. Being Burnt from head to toe so 
bad as if he was on the Sun itself. He realized now that the pain was worse, the turmoil was worse, 
Everything was worse. He was hit with the realization he had died and gone to hell. 

And then he raised his fist and cursed the God that created him, cursed the God that he didnít 
believe in on Earth, and cursed the God that was told to him didnít exist. But now there was no 
denying the truth, and he was paying the price for his decision to reject Christ. He now was filled 
with hatred. He hated God even more now that he was in Hell.

His thoughts where interrupted by a sound, an new sound. A horrible inhuman, demonic moan came from 
the darkness. Then he heard the rattling of chains. There where these kinds of noises all around 
him now. They surrounded him and moved closer. He could feel their presence. He was terrified. 
Then there was a menacing laugh that cut into sobbing and then an ear-piercing scream of pain. 
Then a voice, almost not understandable, for it was so deep, so hoarse. It said "You have died, 
died to your own hands, denied Jesus as your savior, and made yourself instead of him lord of 
your life. You have lived, lived for your own pleasure. Now you face eternity with me and my 
legions and eternal Damnation." As the beast finished he heard chains rattle and felt the chains 
wrap around his neck and body parts. He had nowhere to go, and could not move. All at once it felt 
like every limb on his body was ripped off by the chains. He screamed in terror and pain, but to 
his surprise his limbs where in tact, although they still felt they had been ripped from their 
sockets. He could now see. Not well, But he could make out shapes. He could see he was surrounded 
by hundreds of Demonic Beasts. Each demon had calves the size of a car, cheasts the size of a 
house and arms three times his height.. Their skin was tattered. It hung loose and was covered 
with sores. Blood and puss oozed from each of their wounds. There heads where shaped like dragons. 
They had two pointed horns on their heads, and fangs two feet long. They each had two black ripped 
up wings attached to their backs that raised to 2 or 3 feet above their heads. They all surrounded 
him, and they all moved closer. One walked up to him in the middle of the circle that they had 
created. He stood crying tears of Blood Huddled close to the ground. The Beast raised his huge 
Hand in the air, exposed his foot long claws, let out a ghastly scream, and thrust his claws through 
him who was huddled up on the ground. Wave after wave of pain shot through his body. The beast then 
lifted him up in the air with the claws stuck through his body then with a great roar bit through 
the mans abdomen. He quivered and shook with Pain, But could not die. Then the beast dropped him to 
the ground and wave after wave of demons ripped his body to shreds. He never felt pain like this. 
He thought he would die, But death was impossible now. Now only life in This prison of Torment was 
reality. He now just lied and waited for the demons to stop the onslaught, the slaughter, the 
torture. As he lay in the pool of his own boiling blood, which got bigger with every slash from the 
beasts claws, every bite from the demons' jaws one could only think why did he not believe in God, 
Why didnít he believe Christ, Godís Son dying for his sin. He thought, Jesus went through this for 
me, But I was too stubborn to believe. Why didnít Eric tell me, why didnít he set me straight. Then 
he cursed both God, Jesus, Eric and the demons that where ripping apart every inch of what he used 
to know as his body. Then as quickly as it started, the onslaught stopped. It was completely silent 
again, except for the screams in the darkness. Then out of the darkness came a slow, deep laughter.

He tried to lift himself, but couldnít. He was in so much pain. He felt like every inch of his body 
had been hacked at by an ax. He knew that if he was alive he would of died by the hands of the first 
demon. But no, he could not die in this Hell. Although he longed for it, he could not achieve it. 
He laid lifeless, though he had life. Not the kind of life he would want but thus he was alive. Alive 
in Hell. It would been better to never of been born at all. 

He knew his wounds would not heal. He knew it would only get worse He now felt nothing but hatred. 
Turmoil swelled inside of him. Despair haunted his days. The outcome of his decision left him with 
only loneliness and pain. He remembered life, and how pleasing it could of been. He remembered the 
Bad times and how they where incomparably better than this. But knew there was never another chance. 
He laid in his boiling blood and tears and thought about the days of old. Never again to feel 
happiness, Joy, Cheer or anything he might count as good.

by Neil Convery


A Little Explanation

This story was not written to scare anyone into Hell. Also this story was not written to condemn everyone who has committed suicide, or was involved in drugs or promiscuous sex. It was written for none of those reasons. For Christís Blood has the power to free us from all sin. The man in this story did not go to hell because he killed himself. He went to Hell because he did not except Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. You see, we all sin and we all fall short of the glory of God, And the punishment for our sins is Death. But Jesus has taken the punishment due to us upon himself. And whoever believes and trust in Jesus shall be saved. Excepting Christ as your Lord and Savior is the smartest decsion you could make. You see, the Atheist says in his heart, "There is no God.". If he is right and the Christian wrong, then what did the Christian Lose. Nothing. The Christian in the end would be no better off than the Atheist. But if the Christian is right and the Atheist wrong, well then, you know the rest. It saddens my heart and deeply grieves me to know that some of my close friends still will not except the Free gift of Eternal Life. They refuse salvation and continue in their ways. I want so bad to be able to see them again after death. I live with the knowledge that they hang over the flames of Hell and at any point could die and be living in that Hell for the Rest of Eternity. Some of my friends refuse Christianity because they say it is a trend or everyone they know is a Christian and they want to keep their individuality. Well, Iím sorry, but their is a big difference between just saying, "Iím a Christian." And Trusting and Believing that Christ Died on the Cross to save you from your sins. Besides go to a show and ask off the stage how many of the People attending the show are Christian and youíll get about 10 people to raise their hands. I saw it happen once. Out of a crowd of about 200 plus only about 15 people raised their hands. Where is the individuality in that. And their are many people out their who do say that becoming a Christian entails losing your individuality, but there is not much truth to that at all. Yes, we have the same goal and belief, but we are all different. Our God is not a cookie cutter God. Thatís one of the things that makes our God so great. You donít have to wear a three-piece suit and sit in the front pew to be Christian. God love us just the way we are. If you have not made Jesus Christ Lord and Savior of your Life, Do so Now. Time is running out. Who knows maybe yours is sooner than you except. Turn from your sin and Accept Christ.

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