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Our scene is going to die, if we as a whole, (thatís all the underground) donít support all the bands. Whether they are punk or Hardcore or whatever. Punk and Hardcore are the same thing. Born out of the same thing at least. The only thing now that keeps them separated, are peoples narrow mind. We have to step out of what we have classified the only way. Here, an example of how close minded people are today when it comes to types of music. There is a punk show coming up here pretty soon. I had told a friend about it. This kid likes Hardcore. Well when I told him they where all pretty much punk bands the kid said sarcastically. "Oh, Sign me up." If every Hardcore kid had a attitude like that, then there would be no shows to go to. You know when there is a predominately Hardcore show, Half the Punks donít show up. And same thing with a Predominately punk show. Half of the Hardcore Kids donít show up. If you ask me, that is stupid. They are one in the same. I know kids that wonít go to shows unless a Victory band, or some T & N band is playing. They are doing nothing for the scene. They are sitting on there butt and letting everyone else do the work, while just following the band wagon for fashions sake. Go to all the shows, whether Punk or Hardcore. If we donít then the shows will become fewer and fewer and then where will our scene be. Remember thereís no difference. Just some are to stuck in there narrow minded view and canít support a band whose trying to do a good thing, and the reason they wonít support them is because itís a different style than they are accustomed to. This is why there is so much Dissension among the underground. This is why there is no Unity. Every other Punk band out there has a song about Unity, so it is not like this is a revolutionary idea or anything. Youíve heard it all before. Except ignored it. Just like this little article will probably be ignored. But please, for the sake of what is good for us all, support the bands, whether punk or hardcore. They are one in the same.

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