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Cornerstone Journal


Thur. June 28th
I leave tomorrow for my roadtrip/cornerstone. I'm not done packing. Heck I don't even have my supplies yet. My ticket for cornerstone hasn't even arrived yet. I sent off for it weeks ago. My friend who sent for their tickets after me got their ticket last week. I've called the cornerstone office about 3 times now. Basically they keep telling me to call back or they will call me back. I have to call them tomorrow before I leave. Other than being stressed out because I'm not ready I'm so excited about going! I can't wait.

Fri. June 29th
I'm all packed and on the road right now. Me, Kelly, and Jeremy are on I-75 heading north. Our next stop is Ga. We're picking up a kid named Ben. We met Ben on the cornerstone "need a ride, give a ride" page. From phone conversations the kid seems nice and greatful were taking him.

I called about my ticket. Basically I'm on a "lost ticket" list. So when I get there I tell them my name and get in.

When we pick up Ben were going to have a full load, but it's all good. I'm happy. It's friday night 80's on the radio, oh yeah!

Sat. June 30th
Today was not a fun day. The best way to describe how I was today is, tired, cranky, and cramped.

We picked up the Ben kid at 1:00 last night. Before this guy even knew my name he hugged me, which made me uncomfortable. Then 5 minutes into the trip he had his head on my shoulder playing with my hair. I don't know this guy, don't touch me! He's really annoying too. He doesn't shut up. And all he wants to listen to is techno, and complains when we listen to something else.

Well I feel like my feeling, wants, ect. are not being taken into consideration at all on this trip. For instance, I have no floor space whatsoever. I spent 18 hours sitting indian style. Not fun. I tried to put some stuff on their floor space but they complained it was cramped! Hello I had no floor space!!! Stuff was piled to seat level. Then came the music. I only got to hear one cd I wanted to hear. It's an 18 hour road trip, I think they could of let me listen to more than one cd.

Then the biggest thing that ticks me off is on Monday I was suppose to meet my friend in Springfield, Il. and go with him to c-stone. We'd all get a camp site together. Before he said he was coming, I had made previous plans but dropped them on his behalf. I was suppose to meet him at 12 or 1 o'clock monday. Well now the crew wants to leave on Monday and they are saying we cant' meet him now. I had plans. It makes me upset because I already set this up with him. What am I suppose to do?

We hit Graceland today. Home of the king. It was a nice break and I think I would have died if we didn't stop. Very nice break indeed. It was interesting. That man liked shag carpets... he got weird when he got older. He was great when he was young.

Well I should get some sleep now. Were going to the early service at some chruch tomorrow. Another night of little sleep.

Sun. July 1st
Today was a much better day. After some good sleep things went well.

We woke up early and went to this small methodist chruch. At first, I was scared people would judge me because of my pink hair. I got a few stares but for the most part everyone was nice. The sunday school was the best. We discussed this book called "The Case for Christ". It sounds really interesting and it seemed that it would go along with the other book I'm reading "The desires of the Everlasing Hills". The people there gave all four of us a copy! I was thrilled!

After church we hopped on the metro and headed to St. Louis to see the arch. It just so happens that St. Louis had this big fair going on. It was really neat. We didn't go into the arch cause it was sold out for the day. We decided we'd head back there tomorrow before we left.

As we were leaving we ran into these two girls handing out tracks. We talked to them awhile and ended up praying together. We exchanged email address and headed off. It was really neat.

After our visit to the arch we went to this place called the Loop. It's a really neat part of town were there are record stores, clothing stores, coffee shops, and tattoo parlors, and bars. We got there close to the time when all the shops are closing so we decided we'd go back tomorrow.

Now here's the good part. I still get to meet up with my friend. That makes me happy. We decided that we would get up at 6 o'clock like Kelly wanted. Go get some breakfest, ride the metro to the arch and go up in that, then head back to the Loop to finish shopping, then leave to meet my friend. Now we're all happy.

Mon. July 2nd
Today was an interesting day. The beginning and ending of the day was great but the middle part was fustrating.

We arose bright and early to leave. Our plan was to be at the arch by 8:00, then from there the loop by 10:00 and get on the road by 11:00 so we could meet my friend Toby in Springfield by 1:00. Well, things ended up getting behind schedule and I didn't even get to call Toby until after 12:00. When I did call no one was home. At 1:00 we left St. Louis for Springfield at the time we were suppose TO BE IN SPINGFIELD! I was freaking out, saying it's a two hour drive, he's going to leave. But thankfully he didn't leave and everything was okay.

We arrived at c-stone at about 5:00 and found a spot by the lake and set up camp. Across the lake is a tire swing and everyone is on it. It is a pretty site. We called our camp site the "basement". It came from Toby's tent which had a whole in the floor. We told him it wasn't a whole but the basement. Somehow that turned into the name for our campsite. The guys next to us call their camp "the attic".

I was suppose to meet my friends Nic, Andy and Luke between 6-7. I didn't get finished setting up camp until 7, but I still went to met them. However, they weren't there. I know I'll find them though sometime throughout the week.

The rest of the night I just hung back at camp with my friends. We're going to bed early because it might be the only night we can.

Tues. July 3rd
Everyone got up bright and early for Tooth and Nail day. We all wanted to catch Hopesfall this morning at 8:00. However, Hopefall wasn't playing today. They were later this week.

It rained. That made everything muddy. This Florida girl who is use to beach sand does not understand mud, nor does she like it.

The bands played pretty good today. I'm really short. And all the tents were crowded. So I couldn't really see any of the bands. I'm hoping it's only going to be crowded like this today because only two tents are having performances. Or else I'm not going to see crap all week.

I was suppose to meet a bunch of people from the boards today. I was at our meeting place a little after the time we were suppose to meet but didn't see anyone. I'll run into them though. Hopefully.

I ran into my friend Maynard from Canada today. I spent most of the day with him. He was sick so I kept him company at his tent. I missed bands I really wanted to see though because of this. Like Dogwood, Zao, and Living Sacrifice. It's okay though most of these bands are playing throughout the week again. I don't get to see Maynard much with him living in Canada and all. So, it all turned out good.

Wed. July 4th
All the power on the camp grounds went out today. It messed up the schedule a bit. After a couple of hours the power was restored and everything resumed.

The bands I saw today were Saved by Grace, Densison Mars, Neshamah, Few Left Standing, Brothers Keeper, a bit of Stretch Arm Strong, Luti-Kriss, Stavesacre, and Living Sacrifice. I missed NIV, which I heard was awsome. I'm kind of disappointed but I'll live. Because of the power outage I didn't see Lengsel. I don't know when they are playing now.

I ran into my friends Nic, Andy, and Luke today while waiting for Luti-Kriss. I knew I'd find them. I'm glad I ran into them.

I met some new people today. They live in Florida too. When I get back home and go to shows I'll have to say hi now.

Today was lots of friends, lots of bands, it was good. Didn't find anyone from the crew. I still have time... maybe I'll find them.

Thurs. July 5th
I didn't see many bands today. I spent a good portion of today with friends.

Instead of having our spaghetti dinner we had it at lunch, because everyone's schedule didn't have time for dinner. I invited Maynard and all his canadian friends over for the lunch. We had enough for everybody, but me. It was okay I just cooked me up a can of some other food.

I had a hard time deciding whether I wanted to see tough guy hardcore or dirty punk rock. At the same time those two types of music were playing. On the HM stage was Point of Recontion, Figure Four, xDisciplexAD, and fasedown. On the Underground stage was Sleeping at Last, The Discarded, The blackjacks, and Headnoise. I never really decided on which I wanted to see. I didn't see most of them. I spent most of the time hanging out with Maynard keeping the sick boy company. We caught the end of Figure Four and the whole set of xDisciplexAD. That's all I saw. After xDisciplexAD's set we went back to Maynard's tent and talked for awhile. It is sooo cold out tonight.

Fri. July 6th
Today was a busy one. I got up early to see my friend Nic's band play a generator show. It kept getting moved it was so funny. And one point this semi drove through their set. It was hillarious. And they didn't have a mic stand so someone had to hold the mic for Nic. It was a really hysterical performance.

Today was Take Hold Records day!! That means some really good bands played. Sleeping by the Riverside and Hopesfall playing in the morning. They did really good. Seventh Star played the impromptu stage today. They are a Florida tough guy hardcore band so I had to go represent my scene. That night I caught Tantrum of the Muse, Ancient of Days, and Underoath.

Underoath was by far my favorite of the night. My friend Maynard was suppose to sing with them. However, he was too sick too. Underoath did so good, and I sat on the stage taking pictures the whole time. My automatic focus on my camera wasn't fast enough. By the time it focused on Dallas, he already moved, and I would have to start all over again.

After Underoath I went to check on Maynard. We sat and talked and watched fireworks. I have no clue why fireworks were today and not on the 4th. I ended up missing Zao and some other bands I wanted to see. It was okay though, I didn't want to see them that much. I would have rather sat and talked with Maynard like I did than see them.

Sat. July 7th
It is the hottest day! I can usually with stand heat being from Florida and all, but today is just horrible hot. Dust is every where and it's just killing me.

I sat around for what seemed like forever with Nic at the imprumpt stage waiting for the lottery. Nic was entering his band so I was there keeping him company while he waited. I guess it was worth it.... they got to play!!

There wasn't a whole lot I wanted to see today. Just a hand full of bands. It was good though cause that meant I got to spend my last day just hanging with friends.

Nic's band ended up playing the imprumpt stage during Dogwood's set. I really wanted to see Dogwood because I've never seen them play before and I missed them play on Tuesday, but I had to support my friend. Even though I'm disappointed that I missed Dogwood I'm glad I went and saw Nic play. Not a lot of people were there and they could use the support. Nic cut his finger playing and got blood all over his guitar.

After his band played we just hung out at his camp site drinking as much water as we could. It's all we could do to keep from dying due to the heat. I left him for awhile to hang out with Maynard and his Canadian friends. Maynard was smart... He was in a car with A/C on. I got to sit in the car with him and it was nice little break from the heat. After awhile I said good bye to him and all the other Canadians. I didn't think I would see him for the rest of the night cause he wasn't going to catch any of the shows and I so wanted to see Officer Negative.

After saying goodbye I met up with lots of friends to see Officer Negative. Now, this use to be my favorite band. They are still high up there on Tammy's "Fav. List". I never seen them play so I was way excited. They started playing and I was all into it. Unfortunatly all my friends left me all alone. I didn't care though. I stayed around to the end and I'm glad I did. For the last song they played JCHC and they told everyone to get on stage. People packed the stage and everyone was singing along. It was great. After the song Chad told everyone to get off the stage. He started talking about God and gave an altar call. Four kids got saved. It was so cool. After the show I met Chad. I normally don't get nervous when meeting people specailly from bands cause they are just people like us, but I was meeting him. He's such a cool guy.

I went and got some dinner and waited for Underoath to play. I was again excited. I love these guys so much. I think they are my fav. band. They let Seventh Star play part of there set. I bet Seventh Star was nervous. They were afraid people would be upset cause they came to see Underoath but were seeing Seventh Star instead. They did good and I think the crowd really liked them. Underoath played and did good. I couldn't see that well this time. I told Nic I would watch them play with him so I was kind of back futher than I wanted to be. (I would have been right up front). I told Nic that he needed that much energy when he played. These guys go nuts. Specailly Dallas and Tim. Dallas did a back flip for crying out loud! On the last song I noticed my friend Maynard up there. And I was like what the heck? He's not suppose to be here. He's suppose to be back at his camp sick. And then..... he runs up and starts singing. I couldn't believe it! I didn't have my camera ready. I got a few pictures but I don't know how they turned out.

After they got done playing I said bye to Nic, Andy, Luke, and everyone else with them. I ran backstage after they left and started smacking Maynard. I was yelling at him "you didn't tell me you were going to sing!" Everyone was like he didn't know he didn't know. So then I felt bad and hugged him. Well... he shouldn't have went up there. That made him even sicker. He ended up puking. Everyone left him behind to go see Hopesfall play. I wanted to see Hopesfall too but I could tell he wasn't doing good at all. I walked him to the car and sat and kept him company. We prayed together. And just spent the last few hours together before he would go back to canada and who knows how long it would be before I see him next. His friends came and I waved goodbye to them all as they drove away.

Me, and my friends are all leaving tomorrow. We took down most of our campsite and packed up what we could so we could just wake and split tomarrow. I miss my friends already. I hope I won't have to wait until next year to see them all again, but I probably will have to wait that long. Even though I didn't do as much as I wanted to because I was hanging out with friends, it was still a blast. I never did find the people I was suppose to meet from


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