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Tales of a Moron Part 7


As I sit reading the book I begin to think that maybe I was wrong on my list. Maybe…yes that’s it! I’m looking for more of Joan Cusack type. She was excellent in Toys and those tons of John Cusack movies she was in. I’ll have to start doing research on the girls on campus to see which ones best fit this description. I decide that since a few hours have gone by I can go to my room and go to bed. I find that my roommate and his girlfriend have left so I’m locked out, meaning I have to run back downstairs and get a key from the front office, unlock my door and then run back downstairs to give the key back to the front office in exchange for my shoe, which they need to keep as a down payment in the case I decide to keep the key and/or lose it. Personally I don’t see why someone just couldn’t give them a shoe he/she didn’t want and then steal the key. What’s keeping somebody from doing that? Ah well to bed with me.

The next morning is same ol’ same ol’. I get up, turn off the alarm, feel like I’m gonna die while jogging, shower, and brush the teeth before heading over to breakfast. I go to breakfast and talk to Jenna, who talks to me about her eighteen-year old sister coming to visit, and then we get up to leave. I go to class and the laughter begins. I get out of class and am greeted by laughter from the psychology students, whose teacher was told by my teacher about my “experiment” with Hilda. Life’s grand sometimes. I head back to the good ol’ room to watch some ‘Kids in the Hall’ when the phone rings. “Hello,” I answer with the confidence of a guy who knows the call isn’t for him. “Hello,” is the answer I get back from Jenna. The call is for me! My confidence is shattered, but for once it’s a good thing. There’s a couple minutes of silence, which are broken by a “Hello? You there Todd.” OK Todd you just proved to Jenna how often you don’t get a phone call, answer her smoothly and maybe, just maybe you can pretend this didn’t happen. “Um hey Jenna uh what’s up?”

“Hey Todd listen my sister’s here and Trevor kinda wanted to do a double date type thingy so I was wondering if you would come along.” Like I could actually pass up an offer like this. “Uh no I don’t think,” what?! What’s this filth coming out of my mouth? My mouth should never ,never be allowed to control any situation. The reason is my mouth wants to ruin my life. If you don't believe me just look at past situations.

“Oh I guess I understand all right well see ya later To..” before she can hang up though I regain control of my mouth. “Uh yeah Jenna I’m sorry don’t know what I was saying, but uh yeah definitely I will be there, but um without the bells if you don’t mind?” I can hear her roll her eyes at my lame joke, but smile at the fact that I’m going. “Alright Todd just meet us by the cafeteria alright? Oh and you don’t have to dress up or anything like that. We’re just going to this Chinese buffet. I gotta go now though so just meet us at 5:00. OK? See ya later.”

“Alright bye.” I can’t believe it!!!!. I, me, Todd Janetson, has a date!!!! They said it couldn’t be done. They said it wasn’t possible, but I have proved them wrong!!!! Cue up the band and I wanna hear the choir sing the chorus twice!!! Hallelujah!!!!

However, I’m not so stupid as to believe that I will possibly be attracted to Jenna’s sister. After all Jenna was unable to find her sister a date at the last moment, therefore the sister isn’t a great eye catcher. Ah well I will just have to put up with it. Woe is me. I walk outside and decide to go for a swim while I wait for the big, uh I mean little, night to get here. However, the pool is closed so I go back to my room and just watch re-runs of Frasier. I can feel myself getting nervous, I need to talk to my brain.

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