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Tales of a Moron Part 6


I went to my room to start studying, but when I opened the door I find my roommate and another girl making-out in our room. “Whoa guys sorry ‘bout that,” says I as I make a quick escape. This needed some deep thought. Apparently my roommate is not gay like I thought he was. Hmm, that would explain his anger when I tried to set him up with a guy I knew two months ago.

I decide to take a walk. The campus is really nice tonight especially the way the sun is kind of hazy as it goes down, shining it’s light along the grassy hills that lead into a valley that serves as our soccer/lacrosse/football field. I can’t believe I’ve been wrong all along about my roommate being gay. However, this thought doesn’t stay forever, because then I start to think about other things. I start to think about Chris Jones. He was this kid from when I was 3 or 5. I wonder what happened to him. He wasn’t a best friend or anything, I’m just curious. Maybe I’ll run into him again, maybe I won’t. Who knows? Another kid I start to wonder about is Greg Haskell.

Greg wasn’t all that, but he ate tons of chips. He was a fat, greasy looking kid, who rarely spoke a word to people. I tried talking to him a few times, but he was one of those kids you feel sorry for, but you can’t really stand to be around for too long. These are usually the kids who are shown in the movies doing one of three things. They either loose weight, gain a personality, and some looks, along with some various starlets, or they kill their old classmates. I get the feeling neither happened for old Greg. I think maybe he’s going to college, still a fat, greasy kid, who doesn’t really say a word to anyone. One of those kids that’s too scared to speak or maybe just feels I dunno I’ve never been one of those kids, though I’m somewhat shy around large groups of people. I pass a couple, who are happy.

I wonder if this couple is faking it. Like as soon as they round the corner they’ll start fighting, or maybe they’re thinking about the future, which doesn’t look too bright for the both of them. I’m glad I’m not them because as a couple things get harder. When you become a couple you have to become stronger and you have to let go of yourself. You have to do what’s good for the whole of the couple, and not yourself. I know you’re probably thinking, ‘This kid who has had one girlfriend, which he paid for, is trying to tell me what a couple should and should not do.’ You don’t have to listen I’m telling it as I see it. I see the dorm coming up before me so the thought process slowly stops.

“Hey Ronald,” I say as I enter the room. He and the girl are no longer making-out, but are now doing homework. He looks up at me and says, “Oh hey Todd what’s up?”

“Um not much. I just came in to get a book to read.” This is a lie. I came in to sit on my bed and sulk, but hey maybe I can sit on the couch downstairs and sulk. I grab a book entitled All Ages. It’s a book on the straight-edge scene. I’m not a straight-edger or anything I just find it interesting. I then leave the room. You see I’m kinda involved in the whole underground scene. ‘Why,’ someone may ask me one day. My answer will of course be that when you’re involved in the underground you know what’s up. When you’re in those clubs that people pass by and wonder what’s going on in there, or what all the racket is, you know the answer because you’re in there. It’s almost like an elitist club for the freaks or something I guess you could say. Everybody has their own little elitist club, whether they admit to it or not. Every group of friends has their own in-jokes that the outsider wouldn’t understand because they weren’t in on whatever situation it was that led to the joke or the nickname. You can try and explain the situation to them or whatever, and the outsider might find it funny, but they’ll never have been there and they’ll never completely understand the significance of the joke. That’s how life is I guess.

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