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Readers of Friends Like You. I know this is a different style of a article. But I wrote it because I was quite disturbed by the fact of seeing upside down American flags, and other anarchist type stuff. The thing that disturbed me the most was the fact that the people who had the Anarchist paraphernalia had nothing to complain about. They Have two cars, a nice house, two TVís, and other luxuries that the original anarchists had never even dreamed about. (Ignoring the Time Frame.) Anarchy was born, out of oppression from the state, poor working conditions (wage, hours, safety) and poor living conditions. And it was set to correct these conditions. At the time, you where either poor or rich, one or the other. There was no middle-class. Now people who would of probably been shot back then are carrying around the Anarchy sign on there book bag. I mean half the Anarchistís of today are still living with there parents and donít even have a job. The only way the government affects them is the 6% sales tax. Oh, and I am sure that 6 cents per dollar is really hurting them to. I mean come on, Pick your battles, and Pick battles that actually affect you. This article is here to educate you on what I know of Anarchism, and Why I think that Anarchism in the United States of America shouldnít even be a thought. Anarchismísí founders Proudhon and Bakunin both shared most of the same beliefs on Anarchism, except Bakunin, Proudhonsí disciple was more of a violent man than Proudhon. Bakunin was a man set on action. Pierre Proudhon was more peaceful. But his words where violent. He had attacked "God, the state, and Private Property." With these thoughts, he earned himself the name "Father of Anarchy." He had at one point said "God is stupidity and cowardice. God is Hypocrisy and Falsehood, God is tyranny and poverty, God is evil." He also said of the state, " whoever lays a hand on him to govern him is his enemy. He said of Private Property, "Property is theft." With this stated we can see that the theory behind it is not the sma rtest there has ever been. First of all God is put down. Now I donít know if Proudhon should of addressed those remarks to God or to the Christians who distorted his view of God. God is none of those. God is loving, merciful, holy and Just. Also his attack on private property is rather confusing. If there was no private property there would be nothing for us to use, for it would be being used by are neighbor down the street. So thus there would be possession of nothing. In turn we would have nothing. What good would that do them. (The Anarchists that is) But Proudhon was not the man that made it so today the word Anarchism is synonymous with terrorism, assassination, bomb-throwing and wanton, senseless acts of violence. Bakunin was that man. Bakunin led most of the revolutions that took place across Europe at that time. He taught destruction and rebellion when there wasnít anything to destroy or to rebel against. Bakunin was eventually caught, and sent to Russiaís dreaded Peter-Paul Fortress where he stayed until he was exiled to Siberia. Siberia compared to Peter-Paul Fortress was heaven. But Bakunin eventually escaped from Siberia and went back to Europe. But his time in Jail did not quite him. He stated "I shall continue to be an impossible person so long as those who are now possible remain possible." Bakunin was founder of many organizations across Europe. Some of those being Florentine Brotherhood, International Brotherhood, League for Peace and Freedom and the Alliance of Social Democracy. Bakunin was no longer a Disciple, he was "the Master". Bakunin then stated in a published work called "The Catechism of a Revolutionist" that the Revolutionist "must be ready to Kill of die at any moment. He must train himself to stand torture. He must kill in himself any sentiment-kinship, friendship, love even honor, and be ready to perform any act of villainy or betrayal as long as it helps the revolution. Day and night must have but one thought, one aim- inexorable destruction." The "Catechism" became a sort of anar chist bible. Okay, To kill at any moment. To kill in ones self any sentiment, kinship, friendship, love. To have one thought, and that be to destroy. Please. You must see this as wrong. How can this accomplish anything. It canít. And that my friend is the whole problem behind the Anarchist cause. And as you will see that, (violence) is the only tool that anarchistís used. Kropotkin, although generally a thinker and a writer, was one of the most dangerous men to of lived. He Emphasized the necessity of Revolution. And To come about with this revolution, he wrote that Propaganda of the deed must be used. He said there must be propaganda by "Speech and Written word, by dagger, gun, and dynamite." Kropotkins call for violence was not just heard by the intellectuals of the revolution, but also by the workers. Those whom Anarchy would most benefit. Those who had been oppressed, By those, who lived with ten other people in a one room house, with one bed, living in there own feces. Those who could only afford one pair of close even though they worked 80 hours a week. These are the people who put Propaganda of the deed into action. For example, a man named Johann Most published a editorial called "Revolutionary War Science." Within it had directions on how to become an effective arsonist. Following its publication, there was an outburst of fires in stores and homes owned by suspected radicals. Other examples would be A man (Ravachol) bombing M. Benoitsí (Benoit was a judge who had just recently sentenced two people to long terms in jail for participating in a riot that started because of raised prices for Bread.) Home. The bombing of a Rich Restaurant owned by M. Very where both he and a customer where killed.The shooting of the Mother Superior of a convent outside Marseilles. Other events include a bombing in Paris on Nov. 8, 1892 where a bomb exploded at a police building which decapitated one man and tore others to pieces. Another man (named Valiant) Threw a nail bomb into the French parliament injuring about 60 people. There are many other instances where violence was used to further the anarchist cause that I will not mention. But this should give you a idea of how violent the idea of Anarchy is. With all this violence how could you imagine that once a anarchist state was established that the violence would stop. It wouldnít. In fact, someone could shoot your best friend and nothing would be done about it. Except maybe you shooting them. The violence would never stop. It would be a constant riot. I know for some of you that may sound good. But think if you where the object of that riot. Then how would you feel. That is how it would be though, and nothing could or would be done about it. Also, how could working conditions be bettered. I donít know if they could under a Anarchist state. If we did away with government there would be nobody to keep the big companies in line. They could set wages, hours, and safety to there own liking. With that the worker would be entirely worse off. How would that be better for the people? Well anyways, sorry if I just started to ramble on you. I just wanted to let those few out there who are considering the idea of anarchy because they heard some punk band up on stage talking about it know what it is all about. I feel it contradicts it self, and never can or could be a viable economic system. I feel this way because of things I had said before in this article, and because somebody would step up and take control only making them selves with the word Anarchy. Please question it. And think about it before you jump head first into. It. Remember. The original Anarchist had something to Revolt about. We as far as I can see Have nothing to really cry about. Yes, are problems with our system and our government, But how would Anarchy help that. Change would be good, but destruction would only bring us further down. Please write us at Friends Like you And let us know what you think. Please let me know if I have facts mixed up. Or if I left vital information out, or anything. Iím sure thereís those of you out there that know ten times more than I do on this subject. I learn knew stuff about it every day.

Read 1Peter 2:13-14

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