Yeti Interview
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This Interview was done with Al and Mike of Yeti through E-mail around the first of October. If you have not heard this incredible Doom Metal band, I would have to say you are definitely missing out. Read on to find out what they have to say about Root Beer, Cartoons and other interesting topics. And if you don't read, I would advise you not to be surprised if you are suddenly overcome by the Great YETI in the Midst of a Great Snow Storm this Winter. Watch your back.

F.L.Y.- Who would you rather be , Speed racer or Lionell from thundercats? why
Y.- We wouldn't be either they are both week and inferior to the YETI so i would rather die than be one of those guys.
F.L.Y.- I would say Lionell would at least put up a good fight.

F.L.Y.- Should Clinton be impeached?
Y.- No he shouldn't be impeached he should be publicly castrated.
F.L.Y.-That is kind of Stiff, But, O.K.

F.L.Y.- How does YETI feel about root beer?
Y.- It tastes like poop
F.L.Y.- Oh. I can't believe you just said that. Root Beer is such a wonderful thing. Such a beautiful gift.

F.L.Y.- Favorite old school hardcore band?
Y.- Considering none of us listen to old school i would say that they all make me sick and we wouldn't pick any of them , but if we had to pick one it be Sick of it all.

F.L.Y.- If you could meet anyone from the past or present, who would it be? Why?
Y.- (Mike) I would like to meet Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard)(LOCUTUS) because he is my favorite actor. (Al ) I would want to meet the Ultimate Warrior because he's the greatest.

F.L.Y.- Well, i guess first off you got to tell me the names ages and instruments?
Y.-Al, 21 guitar and vocals. Mike, 18 guitar. Eric, 24 keyboard and vocals. Tim, 18 bass. Scott, 20 drums.

F.L.Y.- How long has YETI been together?
Y.-Since the beginning of time.
F.L.Y.-Longer than I thought. *Laugh*

F.L.Y.- Why did you form?
Y.- Because there aren't hardly any doom metal bands out there , and we are doing our part to make the style more known.

F.L.Y.- How long have you been playing shows?
Y.- For a couple of years.

F.L.Y.- Favorite show you played?
Y.- There aren't any shows that stick out in our minds more than another.

F.L.Y.- Favorite show you were a spectator to?
Y.-Cannibal Corpse, Brutality, and Hypocrisy. Every band was incredible live.
F.L.Y.-Oh, my, good Wholesome bands eh?(hehe)

F.L.Y.- If you could tour with anyone, who would it be? Y.-My Dying Bride, Hypocrisy, Cannibal Corpse, Brutality, Neurosis, Broken Hope or Anathema are the main bands we would love to tour with.
F.L.Y.- Some good CD's to bring home to share with Mom.

F.L.Y.- What the heck does YETI mean?
Y.- The YETI is Abominable Snowman a relative to Bigfoot.

F.L.Y.- What are your songs about?
Y.- The lyrics are a story that take place back in the days when kings and queens ruled like gods and the earth was only but a child, the greed for riches and the lust for power gripped the land, far in the northern realm there lived a wretched king whose fearlessness drove his war mongering knights to unchallenged hatred looting and pillaging the near by villages at will the ground bled as starving peasants cried out in anguish some fought back but to no avail resistance was futile as death was their only reward hope was lost.

F.L.Y.- What is you favorite YETI song? Why?
Y.-Me and Mike's favorite song is Foretold Gathering or When Darkness Fails To Fall. Both songs demonstrate our style and influences.

F.L.Y.- I have your pre-release CD. What is the difference between it and the regular CD?
Y.- The pre-release was only printed to sell at Cornerstone. The regular CD has completely different artwork, but the songs are the same. (Mike leaves)

F.L.Y.- Who put that out for you?
Y.- We funded and released it ourselves and we are still looking for distro. and a label.

F.L.Y.- How is it going for you? Are you getting good distribution? How about response?
Y.-The CD is doing well but we need a lot more distr. that seems to be our only problem at the moment .The response has been really good not many complaints so far.

F.L.Y.- What is YETI'S stance on abortion?
Y.- I can not speak for everyone in the band because they aren't here but I'm pretty sure they all agree Abortion is wrong unless it is going to take the life of the mother.

F.L.Y.- I know you yourself are a Christian. How does that play out in the band?
Y.-Most of the guys in the band are Christians so there is a respect for each other it plays out in how we represent ourselves and how we respect others.

F.L.Y.- Out of the two bands you are in (Chalice and Yeti)what is your favorite?
Y.- ( Al ) Both bands have their own style, both I get into very much so i couldn't pick a single band i love both bands and the members in them .It's more of a bond with friends than a music thing for both bands.

F.L.Y.- Do you have any other side projects?
Y.- I do not. Two is more than enough ,But our drummer is in a band called Sleeping By The Riverside vary musical and melodic hardcore really good stuff.

F.L.Y.- What are the biggest Influences on YETI?A lot of dark gothic classical music most of the bands we've already named OH!!! and the movie ARMY OF DARKNESS

F.L.Y.- If you ever stop playing music, what do you plan on doing?
Y.- I would probably go crazy , I don't think i could ever stop playing music I would have to play something one way or the other.

F.L.Y.- Someone told me the other day that YETI was just a bunch of metal wanna bee's and are just riding the newest trend. What do you have to say about that? Y.- That is funning i did not know that there was a sudden outbreak of Doom metal bands getting popular. But we were around before this newest trend so we couldn't be riding it and we will be here when it's gone. Plus if your talking about the Christian market that changes every week so that guy probably won't even care about metal when Petra becomes cool again.

F.L.Y.- O.K. Not that I really care unless your coming within 4 hours of Butler, PA but are you planning on touring?
Y.- We don't have ant plans of yet as far as doing a long tour ,But we are playing some shows with EMBOBYMENT in a couple weeks but that's in Florida and Georgia.

F.L.Y.- How did you become involved in this kind of music?
Y.- It started with the a little Iron Maiden and it kept going from their i started off pretty young in like Third grade.

F.L.Y.- When did you become a Christian?
Y.- When i was about 8 years old.

F.L.Y.- How did that come about?
Y.-I grew up going to church with my grandparents but it wasn't until i got a little older until a really understood what Jesus Christ was about.

F.L.Y.- Is YETI planning on any future releases?
Y.-We are trying to get on label at the moment so we shall see what happens if worse comes to worse we will probably release another on our own right around cornerstone.

F.L.Y.- Last words.
Y.-Buy our CD we need all the help we can get .Contact us at or mailing address YETI 6720 68th Ave N pinellas Park FL,33781