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Gun Control

For Gun Control-20%
Middle of the Road-60%
Anti-Gun Control-20% 

This is a very Difficult and interesting article to write. Ill start with this, "Gun Control" is a confusing Phrase. 
After analyzing it I believe it is meant to say "Restriction of the means by which hand-guns and Fire Arms are 
obtained and maintained by the Owner." If this is the case, then Iím for Gun Control. I believe in a 7-10 day waiting 
period, better background checks with local, state, and Federal Government Agencies. An Interview with the Purchaser 
and a better gun education course. The way "Gun Control" is interpreted now, it seems to read "Taking all hand guns 
and Assault Style Weapons out of the control of Private hands." This is not a Feasible Solution to the Problem.

 The National Rifle Association says "if Guns are out-lawed then only outlaws will have them.", True, an outlaw is 
some one who doesnít obey rules or laws. As private citizens itís our right to keep and bear arms. The controversy is, 
for what reason? The 2nd amendment states the right to have a well-regulated militia. Now your probably thinking, 
"Arenít Militiaís Bad?" Well, No they are not. A militia is meant to protect the people, or in the early days of this 
country, the country its self. The Communists have always been known to deny their people guns, Keeping their armies 
powerful and keeping the people in line with fear. A revolution would have been an easier way to change power in the 
early 90ís in Communist Russia but without weapons the people could not fight for their freedom. 

 Another example is in the late 1930ís. Adolf Hitler took power in Germany promising better work conditions and a 
better nation. Hitlers first course of action was to Un-arm the public, he outlawed guns and armed his personal army 
to the teeth, you know the rest. The U.S. Government is so scared of any militia or uprising in its people it 
intercedes quickly, causing fear in others. They want to take your guns off you. They want you defenseless. 

 The N.R.A. has 3 million members. All of which agree with the second amendment. They are the owners of the 99.7% of 
guns that will never be used in criminal activity. They own them to hunt, recreation, and to protect their families 
from criminals.

 Guns donít kill people, People kill people. Itís not the guns we need to control, it is the people we need to 
control. Itís the public we need to educate, and it is the government we must show that although some people have 
chosen to forego their rights as people because of carelessness through guns and crime. We are not going to lay down 
and give up our rights. 
		Thom da Bomb

 Okay, I really donít know how many of you out there care how I feel about all this, but I just thought Iíd throw my 
two cents in about Gun Controll and the above article. First off, Iíll get this out plain and simple, Iím against Gun 
Control. The only kind of "Control" that should be going on is that parents should be raising their kids with sound 
morals (I guess the only kind of sound moral is that based on the word of God, but you know what I mean.). Now, I 
will comment on the above article, (Because if Iím going to print something that a even partially disagree with, Iím 
going to let you know why. ) Okay, I really donít see any need for a militia. So, I donít understand all that talk. 
Now, I understand the point as far as Communist governments are concerned, but, I do believe that our Military takes 
care of us just fine. And I really am not at all at a state of fear because of any militia that our government has 
put out of commision. Also, I really donít think our government cares if we are defenseless or not, they have their 
guns, we have ours. Okay, and my last little bit of ranting and raving. In the last paragraph it says "....It is the 
people we need to control....". Okay, well, If the people need to be controled in this area of life, then what is 
next. We could justify a lot of things with this train of thinking. 

 Anyways, Just thought Iíd waste some space. Write us, and let us know what you think.

		Neil Convery

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