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Five Iron Frenzy

 This interview was done by Thom at the Ska Against Racism show in Pittsburgh, Pa with "Jeff 
the Girl" of Five Iron Frenzy. 

F.L.Y.- How long have you been together?
F.I.F.- Weíve been together since, well as a total band, since August of 1995.

F.L.Y.- What are your influences Politicaly and obviously Religous?
F.I.F.- Um..Well, weíre all Christians so we all aspire to be like Jesus Christ. But because 
of that, that doesnít mean we follow Rush Limbaugh. It does not mean we follow the so called 
"Christian" Right-Wing conservative point of view. In matter of fact most of us are Liberals 
and Democrats. We all have different points of views and different things, but we are 
deffinitaly trying to be as open minded as possible in a lot of areas. We believe that Christ 
came in Love and not to Judge.

F.L.Y.- Okay, Any Libretarian/Republicans?
F.I.F.- Um.. Yeah.
F.L.Y.-Good..That makes me happy!

F.L.Y.-Okay, Musical Influences?
F.I.F.- We have Weezer influences. Smashing Pumpkins.
(Thom is now gasping for air and screaming in torment at the hearing of those two bands in 
the same sentence.)
F.I.F- Hey if you donít like my answers, donít ask. No, Iím just kidding. (HaHa) But anyways, 
Okay there is those two, then there is Less than Jake. As far as lyrically, there is Stavesacre, 
the Crucified and NOFX and Bad Religon. Bands that think and really put subjects on the line, 
and make you question what you believe and question the world.

F.L.Y.- What makes you think Racism is such a horrible thing and what can we do to fight it?
F.I.F.- We all believe we are all created equal in the eyes of one creator. And to fight it..
Well, itís more of a subtle thing. You raise your children not to be racist...You know small 
things like that. Okay..I mean a lot of people will say "Iím not racist, Iím not racist.", 
but that is part of the problem. You got to realize that part of you is. Because you where 
raised with part of it and you canít help it. Confront it within your own life so that you 
can help other people eventually. And just like..Attending events like this, shows people, 
you know like the KKK  and Naziís and such that we are sticking together for a cause.

F.L.Y.-20 Years from now, do you still see yourself playing ska?
F.I.F.- No. I hope to be a Mom. I want to be the Sunny D Mom.

F.L.Y.- If you werenít in the band right now, where would you be?
F.I.F.- Colorado Christian University. Iíd be graduating this year. But, Iím doing 
correspondance. I feel this is where God has me be, so I really have no regrets.

F.L.Y.- Any cool band out there that youíve played with that are yet to be discovered?
F.I.F.- Yeah. There is Johny Respect and Squad Five-O. Man..I canít think of anymore.

F.L.Y- Um..Whatís in your CD player right now?
F.I.F.- Bad Religon. Maybe Operation Ivy.

F.L.Y.- If you could tour with any band who would it be?
F.I.F.- Either NOFX or Bad Religon.

F.L.Y.- Any embarassing moments?
F.I.F.- One time I forgot to wear deodorant and before we went on stage I was asking 
everyone if they had any I could borrow and they said No. Then Reese announced it from 
the stage and afterwards people smelled me. I was so embarrased.

F.L.Y.- Better cartoon: Simpsons or Southpark?
F.I.F.- Simpsons. I canít stand South Park. Itís too nasty.

F.L.Y.- Any advice for kids today.
F.I.F.- Be nicer to your parents and read. Turn off the Television and Read about your 
past and question things. Donít believe that just because a certain group of people did 
something in the past that they neccesaraly have to do it in the future. The Crusades 
sucked, Slavery Sucked, A lot of things Sucked. Be open minded.

F.L.Y.- Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?
F.I.F.- I choose not to say.

F.L.Y.- Any other comments?
F.I.F.- Thanks you guys...for doing this interview.

Contact Five Iron Frenzy at:

Five Iron Frenzy
P.O. Box 2771
Denver, CO 80201

"Five Iron Frenzyís Motivation for being part of the Ska Against Racism tour is to raise 
awareness of the problem of racism. We believe that all are equal in the sight of their 
creator. This is a message we hope to promote whle on this tour. We feel that our faith 
and convictions, which may be unique to our band, provide a very solid anti-racism stance."

-Collective statement
From Five Iron Frenzy on the Tour

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