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Chalice Interview!

F.L.Y.-Name the members of the band,and give their age, and what they do. 
C-Al ,21, guitar  Tyler, 23 guitar  Nathan, 22, drums  Chad, 22, bass  Chris, 18, vocals. 

F.L.Y.-How did you meet up? 
C-Nathan and Al started off in a band called OVERTHROW, after a few years and a few member changes
it was Chad on bass, Chris and Al on guitar and Nathan on drums. We did that line up for about a 
year. The singer quit and Al took over on vocals we got Tyler filling in on guitar. We recorded a 
couple songs (thats why the vocals are diffrent on the Steadfast comp then on the CD). THat 
lasted for a couple of months the music wasn't coming together as planned so Al went back to 
guitar, Chris on vocals. It didn't sound like OVERTHROW so we killed all of those songs and started 

F.L.Y.-Why did you form the band?
C-Most of us have been involved in music for most of our lives  .This was an opportunity to start 
a band that we all got into musically and lyrically.

F.L.Y.-What is the bands major influences?
C.-We all have different influences but the main ones are Carcass, Edge of Insanity, and Bolt 

F.L.Y.-What is the scene like down there in Florida?
C.-Florida is pretty diverse far as the scene goes we live by Tampa so its pretty crusty, alot 
of death metal influence.

F.L.Y.-What is the message of the band?
C.-To encourage people to realize that there is much more to life than drugs, alcohol, or any 
other mental or pysical  pollution.

F.L.Y.-Describe your sound?

F.L.Y.-(Hmm, Moshing Maggot Metal. Isnít that nice.)

F.L.Y.-What are your shows like?
C.-Some shows are very active, some shows people just stand there they don't know what to think, 
I guess they were expecting HARDCORE.

F.L.Y.-How does Chalice feel about sXe and Veganism?
C.-We have no problems with being VEGAN Tyler is a vegan and the rest of us are vegetarians
(except Chad he's the only carcass eating carnivore). Far as STRAIGHTEDGE goes some of us are 
and some of us aren't, but we all believe in keeping are bodies pure.

F.L.Y.-How often do you get to play out?
C.-We play anywhere from 1 to 8 times a month depending on the month.

F.L.Y.-What is your favorite Cartoon?
C.-Transformers, Thundercats, He-Man, and South Park.

F.L.Y.-I here you are planning a tour. Is anybody going on tour with you, where
are you going, and what are the dates?
C.-We are planning to tour in the summer with YETI and possibly SPITFIRE. Probably 
up north don't know exactly yet.

F.L.Y.-Is anyone in the band in school right now?
C.-Tyler, Chad, and Chris are in college.

F.L.Y.-SO, what happens when Chalice breaks up? What will you guys do?
C.-Al is married and plays in a band called YETI he'll probably keep doing that. Tyler plays 
in a band called PETER PAN COMPLEX. Nathan's married, Chad is planning on getting married 
so who really knows what would happen if we broke up, probably start other bands or go on 
with life.

F.L.Y.-Are you all Christians?
C.-Yes we are all Christians.

C.-Because we all know and feel in our hearts that Jesus died for us and wihtout Him we 
would be nothing.

F.L.Y.-Arenít Christian bands just trying to push there beliefs on to other kids in the 
C.-We don't speak for all Christian bands just this one. We don't force anything on any-
one. We don't say much from the stage we let the music speak  for its self, but we do 
encourage people to talk to us after the show about what we believe. Thats the only way 
your going to get through to anyone. Not forcing things on people. Plus I thought being 
in Hardcore was about speaking what you believe,oh unless your a Christian.

F.L.Y.-If you could change anything in todays society what would it be and why?

F.L.Y.-Okay, that is about it, any last comments?
C.-Send us mail we like hearing from people and checkout SLEEPING BY THE RIVERSIDE and 
YETI both have CD'S and a split "7" inch due out earlier this year. You can order their 
CD'S from us. THANKS.

F.L.Y.-How can people get a hold of you? 

6135 19th ave 
n st .pete fl . 33710

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