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Broken Free

Broken Free is a Melodic Hardcore band from the Butler/Pittsburgh, PA area. They just recently released a CD off of Burning Records titled "Conducting the Sunrise" which I highly recommend you pick up. But the beauty of Broken Free is in their live show. If you get a chance, make sure you don't miss out a show that these guys play. They rock. Enjoy…This interview was done between Neil of Friends Like You and Trey of Broken Free some time this year…I can't remember when…Sorry it took so long to get it up…
How did you get involved with Hardcore?
Trey-Well, it all started when Carey, my brother, went to IUP about 4 years ago. He met a kid up there from Philly, his name was Mike Fetting. He got Carey listening to stuff like Vision of Disorder, H2O, Sick of it All, etc. and Carey basically brought that stuff home for me to listen too. The first hardcore band I would say I heard would be Vision of Disorder, then probably H2O. My first 'show' would be H2O, Orange 9mm, and Fahrenheit 451 at Club Laga.

What would you like to see change in the Hardcore/Punk Rock Scene?
Trey-Scene Politics. I think there is too much emphasis on who is making a lot of money, who is selling out, and all of that type of stuff. Hardcore and Punk is about being open minded right? Then why are kids constantly being criticized for liking a certain band that happens to be popular? Or because the band they like is on Victory Records? People like music because they like it, not because it's about what is popular and what is not. I understand that some of these big labels take advantage of people which is not right, but it is the individual's choice to listen to whatever they like. If it wasn't for some of the 'big' labels I may not be into Hardcore right now. It should all be about having fun, open mindedness, and being positive!

What's your favorite show you've ever played? Why?
To be completely honest, I would have to say March 11th at the Wall. The Wall is such a great place. We have played several shows there, and out of all of the shows we have played, we have never seen the response we got March 11th. We were truly impressed. There are others that rank up with it, but for me personally, that would be the most memorable. The Butler kids are so nice to us, and we really appreciate that more than anyone could imagine. We always know that a show in Butler will be a great show.

What would you like kids to get out of a Broken Free show?
To have fun! I want kids to come out and have a good time, that is the most important thing. Also our message is important to us as well. Broken Free is about trying to tear away from the greed and selfishness of modern society. I want as many people as possible to step back and examine the direction they are headed, as a person. I have never gon through anything that was severely dramatic, but I have been through endless struggles to find myself. I realized that I was extremely self-centered and I knew that this must stop. But, in the process of seeing that in myself I saw it in all of the people around me. I noticed that almost everything we do to benefit ourselves is in the expense of others. I decided to push my life in a positive direction, and begin living with compassion and reaching out to others. We are still down to earth and very open minded about the entire thing. Of course, all of that stuff is within our lyrics, the most important thing to us at a live performance is to have an energetic and entertaining show.

Let me quote you, "The band is always about being positive and constructive." Why is being positive so important to you when the world we live in could be easily be looked at as negative?
We just want to look at things in a more optimistic way, which is very difficult to do sometimes. I think all of society's downfalls have been pointed out by other bands, or they are pretty self explanatory. We are just there to take those downfalls and find something to counteract them. Most of the time, the perfect solution would be to live a positive and compassionate life! Being negative accomplishes nothing. When you sit there and dwell on all of the negative aspects of life you end up feeling more miserable than before. Of course, no one can be positive all the time, but we try our best!

I know, from conversations with you and listening to you talk from the stage that you are a Christian. What role does this play in your life/ the band/ and lyrics?
Yes, I am a Christian. Becoming a Christian was not an easy thing for me to do, in fact, it was a long drawn out process. I was agnostic/atheist for a long time As for the band and lyrics, we are not a "Christian" band. Our music may elaborate on things that definitely correspond with Christianity and the bible, but we choose not to specifically speak about it in our music. We are definitely not ashamed to be Christians, we are very open about it if you hold a discussion with us. We just don't like the fact that secular kids would not be able to connect with our lyrics. We want everyone of all personalities and lifestyles to be able to connect and enjoy our music as much as possible.
If you could tour with any band, who would it be?
Well, I'm sure Dave would disagree with me, but I would probably say H20. Their lyrics have really inspired me, it's all about friendship and being open minded.
So what happens when Broken Free breaks up? (All good things come to an end. Sniff…) What will you do?
Broken Free has become a major part of my life. You know, this is what I 'do'. Some kids go out and play sports, and that is what they probably do best and give their all for. This is what the band and music is like for me. If we broke up, I would probably take up guitar a lot more, buy some new equipment, and maybe search for a new band. Music will always be part of my life, whether it is playing in a band or just going to shows.

O.K…any last comments that you'd like to leave us with?
I just want to thank everyone that has supported us. I don't think people realize how much it means to a band when you show up to their shows, buy their CD, or know their lyrics. Again, we appreciate all of the encouragement, Also, Thanks Neil and F.L.Y. for this interview….
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